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I don’t love doing cardio work. I do it because I know it’s good for me and I always feel better afterwards.

I often challenge myself when I’m doing cardio… and sometimes I play games with myself as I walk.

This weekend as I started out, my plan was to do three miles. As I was approaching that distance, I was feeling good. As I came to the place in the road where I could turn left to take the flat path back to the house, or walk farther than I planned, where there are hills, I realized it was just a choice.

A crossroad… literally and figuratively.

I could do what was easy… what I’d planned… and still be “successful”.

Or I could go the extra mile (literally) and do what was better for me in the long run.

We come to these places in our lives and our businesses almost daily. Sometimes, multiple times a day.

Do you turn left and go home? Knowing you did “enough”.

Or do you keep walking? Do you go the extra mile?

This isn’t about easy vs hard or right vs wrong.

It’s about making the best choice. Sometimes taking the long way is a better choice than getting there fastest.

Easy isn’t always the best choice.

There are times when doing the hard thing in the moment pays off in the long run. It just may not be apparent the moment you do the thing.

We typically want things to be easy. They aren’t always.

But you can always take one more step.

I sometimes make my walks last longer by telling myself I can do anything for 5 minutes. And when that doesn’t work then I just look ahead and tell myself I just have to get to the next mailbox, sign, or pole. Then I get to the next… and so on. Until pretty soon I’ve walked farther than I planned.

What crossroad are you at in your life or business?

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