Do You Use MAPS?

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I can remember driving down the road as a kid, with mom looking at a map, giving dad directions. I don’t think he ever fully trusted the directions she gave him. And I recall a fight or two over it.

I must have gotten my map reading abilities, or lack thereof, from my mom.

For whatever reason, reading a road map was never something I was very good at.

Until I realized, if I turned the map in the direction I was going, then I would know which way the next turn was, it got so much easier.

Thank goodness for GPS – it’s made map reading largely a thing of the past.

In business, when I talk about maps, I’m referring to your Marketing Action Plan…

The good news about your business Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is that it is way easier to read than a roadmap.

And there’s no twisting and turning it. No struggling to figure out what to do next or which way to turn.

Your MAP is simply your Promotional Plan.

How do you sell?

There are 2 critical parts to this…

First, who are your prospects and how do you attract them?

And second, how do you turn those prospects into paying clients?

Want a MAP for that?

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