Life’s Little Surprises

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Do you ever get so focused on one aspect of your life or on some little thing that you want that everything else sort of gets out of focus or fades to the background?

Like most things, this has both positive and negative effects.

Focus is almost always a good thing… unless you’re focusing on the negative things. Then, not much good happens.

Focusing on one thing so much that you ignore other important things in your life, can have a negative effect as well.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to come to me with what I call the “spinnies”. They’re usually in a negative head space they can’t get out of – they want to but usually aren’t sure how.

Many times, one little change, saying one thing, can bring somebody out of a place of spinning to a place of calm and order and being in a whole new place.

This happens in our personal and our business lives.

You’re having an affect on people with your actions, words, and deeds – whether you know it or not and whether you want to or not.

Choose your words wisely, from your heart… and make a positive impact on somebody else’s day – – – you might just change their lives for the better!

It’s a pretty amazing thing when it happens – and it’s ever more amazing when you share it and acknowledge the person who helped you.

Who’s helped you lately – in your life or your business?

To Your Success –

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