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There is so much talk about purpose and passion…it’s actually a bit overdone. And, it really stresses the wrong thing in most cases.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s great when and if you can make money with your passion or passions. It’s not always possible.  That’s when people lose out, get frustrated, feel less worthy and many times quit.

My issue with all the emphasis on purpose and passion is that it focuses on the wrong thing. It focuses you on the idea that there is one right thing for you to do and if you aren’t doing that one thing then somehow your life isn’t as fulfilling as it should be…that you’re missing out on something.

First of all that is really a lack mentality and not one of abundance.  And, I don’t know anybody who has only one thing in their life that fulfills them.

I have watched so many people waste value time and energy fretting over (that means being stressed out) and trying to figure out what their “purpose” is.

I say follow your actions – that will many times take you to your passion.

This topic is an easy one to talk about and to emphasize. And, because it feels good, people often walk away from these discussions, events related to this topic, or coaching sessions feeling great. The question is, what happens when the rubber meets the road and you have to put it all to work and make money with it…to run your business.

Easy and popular aren’t always what you Need in your life or your business!

Be passionate about the things you are doing now…

Be passionate about every aspect of your life…

Stop looking outside yourself for your answers – they are inside you. You already know what to do – just go do it.

The other issue I have with all the talk about passion and purpose is that it derails you and gets you off-course because it shifts your focus away from the things that are most important.

Think about it…

When you’re focused on your purpose and your passion you can’t really get as much productive, results-oriented work done.

Do the work (that unpopular word) and it will all come around as it should.

Stay focused on the end result you are looking for and your purpose and your passion will follow.

Your real purpose here is to live your best life…whatever that means to you.

Both inside and outside your business!

Go do that! Go BE that!

To Your Success –


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