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…is there such a thing?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we tend to risk more than out counterparts who have jobs.

One way to add security to your life and your business is to have a continuity program. Some people call these membership programs – what they don’t understand is there is SO MUCH more to a continuity program than memberships…so many ways to structure them and to make them successful that most people don’t even consider or think about.

At “Courses And Continuity™”, May 7-8 (it’s an online 2-day event via Zoom) we’re going to be talking about all the ways to make these programs profitable and successful – because there is so much more to consider than just how much money you’re making every month.

So many people underestimate the power of these kinds of programs. I’ve literally helped people make millions of dollars with these kinds of programs – it’s probably not too far off to say hundreds of millions, but I can’t quantify that number.

I do know for sure one client made a million his first year, and went on to make $3-$7 million for 5 years before he sold his continuity business for multiple millions of dollars – and had several offers to sell it before he actually did.

Check it out at now. There are only 9 slots left!

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