The Key To Business Growth In 2022

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What’s the fastest way to grow your business?

It’s not tricks and tactics.

It’s not the latest bright shiny object or fancy software that’s just come out.

It’s not by hacking funnels or anything else in your business.

You grow your business first by leverage.

Then you can scale.

There are a lot of ways to leverage your business…



Other People’s Money.


Those are just a few ways to use leverage in your business. The list goes on and on.

Another way to use leverage a lot of people don’t think about is what I call the big 3…

(And the 4th one… Eliminate)

Leverage is the fourth step in the framework I use with all my clients. It’s one of the things all top businesses use to grow and keep growing.

You have to have leverage in your business before you can scale.

In large part, leverage is about systems.

The right systems in your business plays an integral part in your success and your growth.

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