What Does It All Mean…And What Are YOU Doing?

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Does it feel a little bit like the whole world has turned upside down and gone a little crazy? And, that it happened overnight…

Things change, we all know that – sometimes quicker than others.

Talking to colleagues, clients and friends for the last week or so has been both enlightening and interesting to say the least.

This isn’t a political note. It’s also not a health note.

It’s a business note. To you! AND, for you!

What are you doing right now? Are you reeling, spinning and in overwhelm? Are you glued to the TV news or social media?

Or, are you working to problem solve challenges and issues that have or may come up?

I was shocked this past weekend when some local businesses here in my community were already talking about falling on hard times and losing their businesses. They weren’t looking for viable solutions or alternative ways to make money or to do business.

I’m not talking about drastically changing what you do. Maybe just tweaking how you do it.

For example, a local restaurant owner could switch to carry-out or delivery. Can you imagine how many people might like to have a nice meal delivered to their home once a week or so. I’ve been telling a chef friend if he would home deliver dinners to me, I’d do that at least 5 days a week – and that was before all this happened.

I could go on and on about how businesses can modify – if you’d like specifics on how you might be able to do that in your own business reply to this email and we’ll set up a time to chat so I can help you too.

Here’s what I know for sure – this too shall pass. And, calmer heads will prevail.

That’s not Pollyanna or naivete or pie in the sky. It’s the truth! 

If you’ve been in business 10 years or longer, you have been through things similar to this in your business…and you made it through! You are resilient and you have gotten through things before…you will get through this too – and you will find new ways to do things because of this…better ways probably!

Use this not as a time to sit and watch TV or worry or panic. Instead, keep working, plan, prepare, adapt…but whatever you do, don’t stop!

Keep moving forward!

None of us know for sure what’s going to happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month – we never really do.

You can choose to take an attitude of lack and doom OR you can choose an attitude of gratitude and abundance. It’s up to you!

Stay safe!

To Your Success –

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