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It seems like everywhere I turn these days everyone is talking about or asking what your word is for the New Year.

Words in WoodDo you choose a word for the year?

I have done this in the past, but like most things we do for a year, it starts to lose its impact because we lose focus on the word as we go about our days and get caught up in the day-to-day or life and business.

I realized as I was thinking about it that the same thing happens to your word as happens to your goals, or your plans, when you make them on a yearly or annual basis.

A year is a long time – or so you think on the first few days in January. As humans, we tend to procrastinate things. Honestly, do you wait until the last minute to do things – when you’re under the gun and have a tight deadline or do you do them in advance? Most people are deadline people…personally, I would have a heart attack being under that kind of pressure all the time – and the high blood pressure I already have is enough to deal with.

Seriously though…a year is too long a period of time. Maybe you should set a word of the quarter…

Or, better yet, maybe if you realized that there is nothing magical about January 1st and reassessed throughout the year you would be more productive.

I had a friend ask me about goals and resolutions earlier this week and she said she had just read something that said you should make every Monday a new start – that way you don’t ever feel like you screwed up after the first week or two of the year and then write off the rest of the year.

I try to do this every day. Every day is a fresh new day and we get to choose what we do with it, whether we will waste it or be productive, rest or work, be happy or not, and the list goes on and on.

Instead of saying I’m starting over…I get to start again – every single day…every minute of every day if I choose to.

Starting Line

It’s up to you!

There is nothing magical about January 1st, or any other day for that matter!

AND, there is something magical about it…and every other day too!

You get to decide…

What kind of day, hour, minute will you have?

Are you going to start now or later?

Or are you going to take the opportunity to start again…

With all the words…or just one!

To Your Success –


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