Your Word of the Year…Part 2

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I got some feedback on last week’s message about the word of the year so I wanted to add some things so you fully get the point of what I was trying to convey…

As all things in your life and your business, if you find things work for you then do them and keep doing them.


…if you’re doing things on remote control or because somebody else said you should and you just do that thing, with no real thought or intention behind it, then I want you to Stop and THINK about WHY you’re doing it.

If you’re using a word and it works for you – however you define that – then Good!  Keep doing it, tweak it, use it and have huge success.

HOWEVER…if you just continue to do this – or anything else in your business (or your life) and you don’t know if it’s working or providing positive results, then at least take the time to evaluate it and see.

That’s my whole point behind this post and last week’s message as well.

Don’t be on remote control! Think! Pause…breathe and consider what you’re doing and if it’s working for you or not!

I hope that helps…

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