BIG Cheesy Grin! Oh, YES!!!

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As I started to write this, I realized today is a very special day and all I could do was sit here and smile…

One of the BIG Cheesy grins that takes up your whole face!

You know what I mean, right?

And, then I couldn’t stop smiling – – – I still have the Big Cheesy Grin on my face!

A year ago today my life changed for the better. And every day since has been better because of it.

What happened?

My special person said yes to sharing our lives together.

And I found out what it’s like to have the best person I know and have ever met love me for me.

That might not be a big thing to you but it’s literally the first time in my life (I’ll be 59 in August) that I’ve had somebody love me in that way. For me… just the way I am. Never asking me to be anything but me – with all my quirks, silliness and sentimentalism…

It’s amazing!
(I could go on and on, but I won’t – or this would be very long…)

What does this have to do with business or marketing?


When you’re happy, everything in your life is better!

People notice!

And they’re drawn to you more and more.

When you get through things – work through tough times in your life – people notice.

People are watching – whether you want them to or not and whether you think they are or not…

It’s the world we live in today – we’re all more visible than ever before.

One of my long-time clients told me that the other day she was glad I was happy. She noticed. And while she let me know that I gave her everything I promised in the program that she knew I was “sad” before.

I guess we all like happy better – me and my clients… yours do too!

All that being said, I also know that being happy and keeping that big grin on my face is an inside job – it’s up to me… and you.

For today, I’m going to keep smiling as I remember that day a year ago and all that made it special.

By the way… you can, and should, do things your way. Don’t feel like you have to fit into anybody else’s ideas of how you “should” do things. Their paradigms don’t have to be yours!

Be you! Do things your way and be happy!

And you get to benefit by having a very happy Diane…

What brings a Big Cheesy grin to your face?

To Your Success –

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