Book Review of “Money Magic” by Deborah Price

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In “Money Magic,” Deborah Price discusses our relationship with money, when it starts, and how we can change it at any time in our lives.  She also talks about how our relationship our finances is part of the bigger picture of the body/mind/spirit connection to living a balanced and healthy life.

Abundance and prosperity are either a part of your consciousness or it isn’t…either way, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As much as anything, “Money Magic” is a book about purpose and how it related to money. Also, it’s a book about all of us waking up to our views and attitudes about our finances.

Have you ever given much thought to where your life’s fulfillment comes from?  For many people it comes from “things,” more specifically the “things” that money can buy and too often not from our connections to source, spirit, God or whatever you call it.

One of the things I particularly liked about this book is that it wasn’t about bashing money, those who have it, or anything like that. Instead, it was about how to better understand our relationship, attitudes and ideas about money.

Deborah Price identifies 8 money types in “Money Magic” and goes through each one of them, while pointing out that most of us are a combination of more than one of, sometimes more than one of them.

Self worth and net worth are two different things, and we all need to remember that more often.

If you decide to read this book, I would suggest you pay special attention to the areas around and after 117, where she talks about Abundance and Prosperity.  That was by far, my favorite section of the entire book.

One thing is for sure, if you read “Money Magic” it will make you more aware of your relationship to money, how you look at it and how you relate to it.

I’d love to hear what you think….

If you wish to purchase a copy of this book click here: Money Magic: Unleashing Your True Potential for Prosperity and Fulfillment

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