Book Review of “Riding Between The Worlds” by Linda Kohanov

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So, I told you earlier in the year that I was going to be reading some different things this year and I have done just that.  Here’s another one in “Riding Between The Worlds,” which is a well written book about the lessons horses can teach us about ourselves and how they can heighten our awareness of even spiritual things.

This book was recommended to me by one of my private clients and it did not disappoint.  Linda Kohanov does an amazing job of bridging the story of her experiences with horses and riders with the world of self discovery in a way that so makes sense – especially if you’ve spent any time around horses.

I grew up around horses, and we always had at least one horse on the farm that we had the privilege of riding and enjoying.  I miss riding and being in the presence of horses today, but now I’m thinking I might have to correct that, and soon.

One of the points I love the most in “Riding Between The Worlds,” is the concept that our guiding principal should be love…if we think about the animal world, in many instances, that is their guiding principal.  Love as your guiding principal requires that you be aware and have respect at all time. When you think about it, if we can’t do that, we should probably stop doing whatever it is that we’re doing at that time.

If you’re looking for a book that balances and brings to light the connection between our higher selves and our physical selves in a way that is relatable and shows how we are truly all connected, then this book will be an enjoyable read for you.

There are also some great stories about the horses and the people who love and care for them and how they heal one another and all work together in harmony and cooperation for things to work out not only in their world, but in the world as a whole.

There is also a metaphysical aspect to this book that is very intriguing.

I’d love to hear what you think.

To purchase a copy of this book click here: Riding Between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential Through the Way of the Horse

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