Book Review of “The Soul Of Money” by Lynne Twist

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In “The Soul of Money,” Lynne Twist talks a lot of philanthropy and our relationship to money.

How we think about money affects so many aspects of our lives – especially for those of us who are entrepreneurs and small business owners.  And, so much of how we perceive money started when we were children…with how our parents acted toward and around money and with their attitudes about it.

While there were some great points in the book about money and how to think about it in ways that are not related to not having enough or scarcity – which is important to all of us, this isn’t a book I particularly enjoyed.  So much of it just seemed to be about Lynne Twist’s experiences as a fund raiser and her travels to other countries.

I love the fact that in “The Soul of Money,” Lynne Twist talks about the fact that we’re certainly headed to a place where we are more inclined toward sharing, collaboration and contribution and that as we realize there is enough for everyone and have an attitude of abundance, then this is certainly easier to accomplish.

This is one of very books that I think you could skip on your reading list because you can certainly get this information in other places and in other books on finance, spirituality and money and how they are all related.

If you wish to purchase a copy of this book click here: Unleashing the Soul of Money

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