Book Review of “We Are All Weird” by Seth Godin

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Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors, and not just because “We Are All Weird,” like most of his other books, are relatively small and easy to read, but because he always make me think a little differently about things and it’s also outside the box thinking…which I like a lot too.

This little book is all centered around the concept that mass is no longer scalable and even though we did business this way for a long time, it’s not what’s working now or what will work in the future.  Mass was the way we used to be able to reach the middle which was the largest portion of the population, but now, the opportunity is really is selling to and even becoming “the weird.”

Now, we all want more information, more choices, more freedom, and more interaction.  As the population changes, and wants different things those who are flexible and willing to adapt to these changes will make the most money and have more chances to serve their clients.

Weird really means you have made a choice and that you have stood up for what you believe in and for what you want…I think based on this definition, we should all be weird!  Weird is about making a choice!

The rise and popularity of the internet alone has given everyone a lot more choices than we’ve ever had before. And, if you believe the internet is still in its infancy, like many do, think about how weird it’s about to get with more and more choices for all of us all the time!

And, what’s really cool about all this for business owners and entrepreneurs is that it makes our marketing far more efficient.

We all want what we want, and it’s getting easier and easier to get it…and to provide it too.

We can all now profit from being different…I, for one, like that idea…how about you?

To purchase a copy of this book click here:  We Are All Weird

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