Business Bumps and Bruises

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Business mirrors life in many ways.

You and your business also have a lot of similarities with sports and the athletes who play them.

Especially the challenges and the ups and downs…

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to compare where we are – of our journey – with somebody else’s…anyone else’s really.

If you do that, it will always look like others have it easier than you do or that their path is just an easy walk while yours is a long, hard, tiring, uphill sprint, over rocks, through thick brush and rough terrain and you might even feel like you fall and scrap your knees and shins every few feet.

Ever feel like that is your journey?

The truth of the matter is we ALL have felt that one at one time or another. Some of us many times in our business careers.

AND, if you haven’t had some struggles, if you don’t have some battle scars, if you haven’t fallen and had to get up, dust yourself off and find a way to keep going, then you are probably relatively new to business.

One of the ways to make your journey less of a struggle and more enjoyable with less trip ups is to have a plan, a roadmap for where you’re going, what you want to accomplish, and how to make it happen.

I’m really excited because the 2019 marketing calendars just arrived for the   Strategic Path To Profits™,” event November 15-16, in Atlanta, Georgia. Having a marketing calendar is one of the best ways to stay focused and reduce the number of bumps and bruises you get while running your business. 

Strategic Path To Profits™” is limited to only 30 people and there are currently only 9 seats remaining so check it out now!

See you in Atlanta!

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