Course Correcting In Your Business

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You probably know when you fly the plane uses navigational devices to get you from where you are to where you want to be. AND, that your plan is slightly “off-course” over half the time you’re in the air, but you still get to where you’re going.

I’m no aviation expert, but I think you get where you’re going due to Course Corrections made by the pilot and the equipment.

To stay in business for any length of time, you have to do the same thing…Course Correct.

If you’ve been in business more than a couple of years, you may find that you aren’t even doing what you started out doing anymore. At the very least you have probably added new products and/or services to what you’re now offering.


Because you made either a large or a small course correction. 

These course corrections, whether big or small…and they are usually relatively small, are a necessary part of business (and life).

Many of us resist change. That’s usually fear talking. Fear of the unknown and things we aren’t familiar with.

Small changes over time are what typically happen to make a successful business. It’s not usually about a big change, all of a sudden – that happens sometimes too.

A true course correction is a slight right turn here, a slight left here. You might even think of it like when you’re driving or riding a bike. You’re constantly making small shifts in the wheel or handlebars to keep yourself on course (and in the case of the bike, upright). They’re so small you don’t even notice you’re doing it after a while, but you still are.

Business is a little different, but the changes don’t have to be large.

Since the Super Bowl was just a few days ago it makes a great sports analogy (and you know how I love to use those).

Kansas City was behind by 10 when they went into the locker room at halftime and San Francisco has scored 17 unanswered points on them. While the game was far from over, KC needed to make some adjustments…Course Corrections.

And, they did just that. And, they won the game too.

One of the reasons I love sports so much is because you can watch these things happen – or not happen – and it becomes a sort of chess match to see who’s going to make the right corrections at the right times and if the opposition can course correct again to force another change.

It’s partly situational awareness and part thinking ahead. As an athlete, you always have to know what happens if you get the ball, where you have to be if you don’t, what your responsibilities are and sometimes you even have to adapt mid-play. Always moving, always thinking…because things are always changing – just like in your business.

If you can look at sports, life and business with this kind of eye it will change what you see and how you maneuver and do things.

Thinking like this will also make you more strategic.

Thinking like this allows you to become a better problem solver. AND, good problem solvers go far in life…because we never see any challenge as too big for us. As a good problem solver, you can figure out a way to do almost anything – because you can quickly course correct.

Is course correcting an easy thing for you or do you tend to struggle solving problems?

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