Discover The Secret of Niche Marketing And Double Your Profits

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Marketing to the general public can produce income and give you a good financial life.  Marketing to a niche can makeyou very wealthy.  And, digging deep into a niche can make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams – like money raining from the sky kind of wealthy.

If that’s the kind of wealthy you’re looking to be, it’s time to start considering niching your products and services to more specific types of clients.

Instead of marketing your weight loss product, for example, to the general population (most of which can use your product by the way), you could niche your weight loss product to women.  Still women, in general, is a very large population – probably too large for a real wealth producing niche.

So, let’s look at a niche within the niche of women.  Instead of designing your product for women, you could make your weight loss product for female flight attendants, or female nurses.  That would be a more specific niche and you could certainly make more money with that product.

Even further niching is possible.  How about a weight loss program for female American Airlines flight attendants, or female cardiac care nurses?  Those are smaller niches and because the niches are so much more specific you can charge more for those products.

The main reason you can charge more for niched products is that it’s specific to the population you’re talking to. In marketing, you always want to enter the conversation that’s already going on in your client or prospects head. And, if you can get them to have the thought of either “this is for me,” or “they are talking to me” you are ahead of where almost anybody else who is in your general product or service category will ever go.

Another important thing to know about niching is, although you are marketing your product to a very specific niche,

the product is basically the same.  For example, weight loss is pretty much the same for all of us, so once the product ismade you don’t have to do much more than add the word flight attendant, or cardiac nurse to it.

So, niching a product isn’t really any additional work, but it sure pays higher dividends than a product that could be sold to the masses. And, those are just a few of the advantages of niching.

As they say, there are riches in niches!

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