Do You Do What’s Easy or What’s Necessary?

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Many times, there’s a big difference between doing what’s easy and doing what’s necessary – or doing what will make the biggest change or impact.

This is true in life as well as in business.

It’s easy to do what’s simple and easy. You can stay in your comfort zone and not much, if anything, has to change. You just tool along doing what you always do – that doesn’t change anything.

Comfortable should be the most uncomfortable place you ever are. Comfortable should scare you.

Comfortable isn’t where change and growth take place.

You almost always have to get a little uncomfortable to move to the next step in anything.

Whether it’s starting something new or taking what you’re currently doing to the next level, it’s unfamiliar so it’s usually scary. When fear gets into the game, unpredictable things usually start to happen. And, it’s then that we start to question and ask ourselves if it’s really worth the pain and the struggle.

You have choices.

You can quit and go back to how things were – stick with the status quo and simply get by being comfortable.

You can quit altogether… if that’s an option for you. Quitting has never been an option for me.

Or, you can do whatever it takes! Get the job done… no matter what!

The good news is no matter what you choose, it’s up to you. You’re in control of that part.

I have always been afraid of quitting. My fear of quitting stems from the idea that what if I quit, turn and walk away and the very next step I would have taken or the next thing I did was the very thing that catapulted me to the success I was looking for. That one thought is enough to keep me going. To keep me striving. To keep me focused on doing whatever it takes.

It’s sort of like being at a crossroads… or the fork in the road.

YOU have to decide. You and only you!

Nobody ever changed the world doing what was easy.

It’s easy to turn your back, to look away, to stay in your comfort zone, to do what you’ve always done, to put your head down, and to stayed locked inside your safe environment.

But, safe isn’t why you’re here. Safe isn’t why you play the game. If you wanted safe, you probably wouldn’t have started your own business. You certainly wouldn’t be an entrepreneur.

To hell with safe…

Let’s go change the world!

Let’s go make a difference!

To Your Success –


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