How To Find Your Ideal Coach

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First, let me tell you this isn’t some slick message designed to trick you or convince you to coach with me…I wouldn’t do that.

Instead, I hope you’ll get some wisdom you can use when you’re looking for a coach or even a mastermind…you might event find this information applicable if you’re considering investing in a course or attending an event.

So much of what I talk about is starting with the end in mind. And, if you’re looking for a coach, or somebody to help you along your journey, you will be more likely to find the right person to work with if you do the same thing here…decide what you are looking for, what the result is that you want and then look for the person to help you with that.

Most of the time we do the opposite. We start by looking for somebody – the right coach or mentor. Instead of thinking about what the result is we want and then going about finding the best person to help us with that – who can help us get to that place the fastest, or with the most long-term stability, or whatever the outcome is that you want.

If you will take a little bit of time to think about this, you’ll save yourself so much time and effort in the long run (and probably money and frustration as well).

For me, this always means a couple of things…

*An individualized, customized approach, NOT a cookie-cutter system that is given to everyone the coach works with Having one-on-one access to the person, the main expert…not an associate coach

*Qualified resources are available – this saves me time and money because I don’t have to spend a lot of time or energy vetting things I might need

*Implementation focused and not information focused. What I mean by this is I want to move forward quickly and not have to invest a lot of time going through courses or watching long videos or anything like that.

*The person walks their talk…in other words, they are actively running their own business. No Ivory Tower Professors!

You areas of focus might be different than mine, but if you follow these five principles you will probably find a good person to help you along the way.

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