It’s Not About How Much You Make, It’s About…

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…how much you keep!

In other words, your Profits!

There is a big difference between your income and your profits…all that really matters is your Profit – because that’s how much money is in your bank account.

It’s easy to talk about making 6-figures, or even 7…it’s harder to make that amount of Profit in your business.

Not long ago I was talking to a business associate who told me they had just made 6-figures in their business for the first time. I was thrilled for them…

Then, this person revealed to me that they invested 6-figures to do it!

Oops, something was very wrong with that picture. It makes no sense to invest $100,000 to make $100,000 – and that is exactly what this person had done.

Being profitable in your business takes strategy. It means having somewhat of a plan and the looking at and measuring what is happening so you know.

It’s certainly possible, when you’re being strategic, to invest money in marketing and have it break even…IF you have a backend strategy for making money.  For example, many times an event promoter will be at break even, or even be in the red, the day their event starts, but have a nice profit when the event is over.

It’s strategic…

At Strategic Path To Profits™,” November 15-16, in Atlanta, Georgia, you will set your entire business strategy for 2019, so you know exactly how much money you will make and how you will get there…one step at a time.

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Do you want to have another year of throwing mud on the wall or do you want 2019 to be different…one where you actually reach and exceed your goals?  It’s up to you…

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To Your Success –


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