Left Foot, Right Foot…Breathe

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You may or may not know that I got my Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee and I am a huge fan of the late Pat Summit.

Left Foot, Right Foot, Breathe…Repeat is a saying she made popular.

What does it mean?

In life, and in business, if you will simply take one step at a time, and breathe with every step, everything will be just fine. Maybe not in this moment, maybe not today, but it will be ok.

One step at a time is how we get through the trials and tribulations and the challenges we face.  Sometimes, one second at a time.

How do you handle stress? Do you do what I do…and hold your breath and not get enough oxygen?

What kind of reminders do you have around you? What sayings do you have on your walls? What’s important to you and how do you keep those reminders and things close and top of mind?

As we get closer to the end of the year, have you taken the time to think about what you want in 2019 and how you can make things different?

What do you need to do differently? What reminders do you need?


I’d love to hear what your thing or things are for you in your life and business…just email me if you want to share that with me. 

To Your Success –


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