No More Yearly Goals…Ever!

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Do you have a business plan?

How about a marketing plan?

What if I told you’re doing all your planning the wrong way…

The problem with looking at your business as a 12 month venture at the beginning or the calendar year or fiscal year is you aren’t in any hurry because you feel like you have “plenty of time” to accomplish your goals.

The problem is that time flies and moves quickly and before you know it, it’s 9 or 10 months later and you haven’t really stepped on the accelerator very hard…yet.

Think about it for a moment… 

Are you more productive in the last quarter of the year than you are in all the previous ones combined?

What if you changed how you looked at things and only focused on the current 90-day period, and took each 90-day period as a year in and of itself. You might event want to make it somewhat of a competition.

If you feel like you need an annual plan or a plan for the year, that’s fine but then you have to work in 90-day increments to get there.  If you change just this one thing about how you look at your business, it will make you incredibly more profitable – you might even double your income

I challenge you to try it and see!

This 90-day planning is something we actually do at my events. If you’d like to not only see how it’s done, but experience it and complete your own, so you can make the last 3 quarters of 2018 the best ever, then check out Your Business Your Way™”.

It’s guaranteed to make a difference in your income, profits and the impact you’re making. – there are only 11 seats left!

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