Overcomplicating Things

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We’ll be wrapping up the last day of the “Business In 2021 And Beyond™” event in a couple hours.

It’s been so inspiring for me. I’m always amazed by what people are doing, the impact they’re making and how they do it.

One thing I’ve noticed is most successful people don’t overcomplicate things.

They keep it as simple as possible… and they don’t overthink things.

We sometimes make things harder than they are.

You know what I mean, we run through a series of what if’s and if then’s and shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. And when we do that, we end up in our heads and that tends not to be good on any front.

When you find yourself doing this ask yourself this question…

“What’s the easiest (or simplest or quickest) path to a solution?”

Sometimes the answer isn’t the most obvious one. Often, it’s not the one you might first be inclined to take.

It requires you to think outside the box.

For example, instead of going through the maze, is there a way to go over, under or around it to get to where you want to go or to the same result?

How can you use this today to make your business simpler and less complicated?

To Your Success –

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