The Best Week of Your Life

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Last week was literally the best week of my life.

What does that have to do with you?


Because you can choose to have your best week too.

I made the decision to completely unplug while I was in Cocoa Beach, Florida last week and be fully present with myself and my love.

I didn’t even take my laptop. Yes, I had my cellphone with all the social media apps and access to my work email on it, but I didn’t engage.

The picture that you see here is the only picture I took all week.

I wanted to just be fully present. To be where I was in the moment. And, to appreciate and be thankful for just that.

It was amazing!

I felt more relaxed and at ease than I can even begin to describe.

To just be. With no schedule (except dinner reservations, because a girl has to eat… and I eat well on vacation).

Now that it’s back to reality, I still feel so different than before I went.

And I intend to keep this feeling for a long time.

… and to take more frequent vacations too!

You can too… try it!

To Your Success –

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