The MOST Fun!

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I’m spending the week with a little one… and I’m not sure who’s having more fun. Him or me!

Six days of bliss… smiles… laughter… play… and love!

It’s amazing how many lessons you can learn from a 17-month-old.

The pure joy in everything he does. Whether for the first time or for the hundredth time.

Try feeling that in your business everyday and see how things change!

He loves to praise himself when he does something good. His face lights up as he smiles, claps his hand and says “yeeaa”… so proud of himself.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to feel proud of yourself?

When was the last time you clapped and celebrated something you did?

Try it at least once this week and see what happens.

He goes all out. Everything he does, he does 100%. There’s no half-way.

He’s all in, all the time.

Are you?

Or do you sometimes do things half-heartedly?

Do you do things just to get them done so you can move on, or do you truly do and give your best every time?

Whatever you’re doing this week, I hope you’re having as much fun as me and my little buddy are having.


If you need me… well, it might just have to wait until Monday!

To Your Success –

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