What Are You Willing To Fighting For?

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Not what are you fighting against…and not the fist fight kind of fight…

What are you willing to FIGHT FOR – in your life and in your business?


What do you stand for?

What do you stand against?

Do you let obstacles get in your way or do you maintain your excitement for the things you believe in and for the things you start?

Many business owners get excited about something only to let the first obstacle, challenge or issue stop them. Some will keep trying things even after they should stop, and others are somewhere in the middle.

What I find is when we feel strongly about things and believe in them we tend to hang on longer and work harder to make then a success. When we don’t feel strongly about something we quit, we give up much easier.

Are you a problem solver or do you draw a line in the sand that you will never cross? What are you missing out on in your business by not taking a stand?

What’s something in your life you will not budge on, that you won’t stand down about…ever? Your kids, your spouse, your values…

And, what about your business…do you have values, purpose or a passion for something or things that you will not bend on because you feel so strongly about them? Maybe even the foundation your business was built on…

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