What Is Leveraged Growth Anyway?

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How do you get leveraged growth in your business?

And, how do you do it without taking on a bunch of debt…

Do you have leverage in your business or are you doing everything yourself?

You can use leverage in your business to take you to new heights very quickly. And, there are a lot of ways to use leverage.

When I use the word leverage as it relates to your business it can come in many forms. One of the first and most common ways to gain leverage in your business is by hiring other people’s time and talents (you don’t have to start out with full time people, just a few hours a week or a month can make a huge difference).

Another way to leverage in your business is to use technology to do things. This message, is an example of that. I’m not sending this message one at a time to each person who will get it, but all at once using technology to save time — and with today’s technology every message can still be personalized and you can deliver thousands of messages all at one time.

Can you imagine how long that would take if you had to send them one at a time?

Sometimes, you leverage using other people’s money – with loans and those kinds of things.

There are other ways to use leverage as well but these are some of the more commons ways to use it – and some of the most effective too.

One other way you may not think of to use leverage is to use other people’s experience or knowledge to save yourself time and money.  You might do this by having a coach, reading books, watching videos or by attending events, just to name a few.

Can you think of other ways you use leverage, or could use it, in your business?

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