When It Matters More…

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As I was watching a couple of the NFL playoff games this weekend it struck me that these are usually some of the best games of the season.

As I thought about it and started to wonder why these games are usually close and really good games.

All the games in a season matter.  The winning and losing determine if you even make it to playoffs.


In the playoffs, every game is lose and your season is over. Win and you move on to play in the next game.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you push a little harder when you risk more?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself “going through the motions” instead of doing your best and giving your all?
  • Are you more committed when you know there is no safety net?

There are players who game statistics are a lot better in big games that mean something than in regular games.

It’s probably not a conscious decision that we make – to play harder or to be better when it’s a must win. 

It’s just human nature

And sometimes the pressure of that can have the opposite affect – we perform worse.

What happens to you?

Do you rise to a new level under pressure, or do you shrink?

All of us need some help/assistance/coaching to get to the top of our game. 

Remember, athletes train by putting themselves under pressure a lot, to they have a sense of what will happen when they feel pressure in a game or real-life situation.

Do you?

To Your Success – 

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