When Not Everyone Agrees

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Facts are facts.

They can’t be disputed.

They aren’t opinion… they’re facts.

So, what happens in your business when not everyone agrees?

We all have biases, points of views, and points to view that we bring to every situation… even business.

So many times, we want every answer to be absolute.

The answer is almost never a simple yes or no.

Especially in business, there are almost always more questions to be answered in order to get the BEST answer. The strategic answer.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could ask a question and always get a direct answer that would work?

It doesn’t work that way very often…and life and business wouldn’t be very much fun if it did.

The best business answers almost always require more questions.

One of the things we’ll be talking about and working on May 3-6, 2021 at my Virtual event Business in 2021 And Beyond™”,  is how to be more strategic in your business.

Would you like to be surer of your answers?

Would you like to have more stability in your business – no matter what’s happening in the world or to the economy?

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