You Don’t Need Accountability…Do You?

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Why do we have teachers instead of learning what we need to learn on our own?

Why do we have tests instead of just learning and going to the next thing?

Why do we have bosses when we have jobs?

The answer to all those questions is simple…


For most of us, even us entrepreneurs and business owners, left to our own devices, we might not – probably wouldn’t – accomplish as much as we do without some kind of accountability.

Think about it for a minute.

Why do you set goals?

It’s really about accountability.

Some people are good at just being accountable to themselves and others aren’t. Have you spent any time thinking about which one of those fits you – which one are you?

I find it interesting when new business owners talk about having a hard time getting things done and how they’re distracted and feel unproductive.

It never surprises me because we spend 13 of the first 18 years of our lives in school being held accountable by our teachers, and for some of us, our parents. If you go to college then you have another 4 years or so of being accountable. And, then we wonder why when we start our own business why we might struggle, when for the first time in our lives, we don’t have anybody to be accountable to…other than ourselves.

There are a lot of ways to set up systems to hold yourself accountable as a business owner…and beating yourself up for struggling with this isn’t one of them.

Some people try having an “accountability buddy.”  It’s been my experience that this doesn’t typically work very well. It might for a short time, but it usually fades over time – sometimes in a short amount of time and sometimes it takes a bit longer, but it usually fades.

I’ve found, in my 25 years in business, for myself, as well as working with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs, that one of the best ways to stay accountable is to have a coach.

One of the reasons it works better having a coach than it does just have a “buddy” is you have skin in the game when you hire and invest in a coach.

You almost always get more out of things that you invest in and pay for rather than things that are free.

If you have an interest in being more accountable and implementing more in your business in 2019 than ever before I have a few openings in my group as well as my one-on-one coaching programs. Just reply to this email and we’ll set up a time to chat to see if we’re a fit and if we aren’t, please know that there will never be any pressure, no negative or bashing sales talk with me…whether we work together or not we will always walk away friends.

Let me know if I can help!

To Your Success –

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