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As much as we all need time alone and hours of quiet to be productive (you know, those times when you have to swim alone), we also need a great team around us to maximize our potential as business owners.

Sometimes, it might look at feel like we’re swimming alone, but our support team is just outside of the view of the picture…always there to help us.

For as many animals as I saw in solitude at the beach, I saw just as many in groups, working together to accomplish a common goal – much like we do in our businesses with our team every day.

For many of us, our teams are virtual, so while we’re “working alone” in our offices, there is great leverage being used in our businesses because we have a team working with us, it’s just that you don’t see each other every day like you might if you worked in a more traditional business, or if you have an office where people come everyday.

The great thing about having a team is you don’t have to do all the work, and you benefit from the work others do – utilizing other people’s time is one way to leverage in your business.

As I watched the animals working as a team it reminded me of my days as an athlete – in college, in high school and all the teams I played on growing up. What benefits one, benefits all. Now, don’t get me wrong, these animals weren’t sharing food, necessarily, but being in the place where there was food presented more opportunity for all – not just ONE.

In other words, they all benefited from being part of the group or team. In this case, as it relates to food, just because they could now all eat and only one of them had to find the food source.

There was a sense of cooperation and togetherness that was apparent. That happens when everyone is working towards the same goal. They were all focused on their task, as we are in business, AND still, everyone benefited from each others input and work – just like when we work as a team in business.

Maybe it was because I needed a break from it all that I got so many lessons from the animals in the early morning hours on the relatively quiet beach a I walked. And, it was great time for me to reflect and think…or just let my mind wander.

Do you need more time for quiet reflection and thinking…alone and with your team?   

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