Your Business Roller Coaster

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Roller Coaster

Does your business look and feel like a roller coaster ride?

Up and down and up and down and around…

Would you like to stop feeling like you’re riding a roller coaster in your business…or in your life (or both)?

One key to stopping this is ABM – Always Be Marketing! 

Most business owners get so busy working on their business when things are going well that they stop marketing until things start to slip. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late to stop the slide. At least until the marketing has time to kick in and start to bring in new leads and prospects.

That’s what creates the problem. The question is how do you fix it? 

You fix it by having multiple marketing avenues and by making sure there are always a couple turned on and working…even when you’re busy and business is good…especially then.

The best way to make sure that happens is to have a basic, general marketing plan in place, for at least 90 days ahead at all times. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be super involved. It just has to be there and then you have to follow it.

It’s simple, but not always easy. At least not for most of us if we’re left to our own devices…            

If you’d like to get off the roller coaster and you want 2018 to be different, send an email to and we’ll set up a time to chat to see if I can help you…not a sales call, a helping call. If you don’t believe you got value from our time together, I’ll pay you $100!

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