A Bad Case Of The Yea Buts!!

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Are you familiar with the Yea Buts?

It’s pretty common among us…

…you may not even recognize you’re doing it.

Do you get it now? 

And, more importantly, do you do it? Do you say it? Do you think it?

I have a rule at my events and with my clients – No Yea Buts!

You can say “yes, and”. You can’t say “yes, but”.

Now you may think that’s silly. Think about it… “Yea But” is resistance and when you say it, you’ll find ways NOT to do things or to make EXCUSES (I hate excuses). When you say “Yes And” it’s full of possibility and chances are you will take action.

How many times a day do you have a case of the Yea Buts?

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