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I had the distinct honor of sharing the first birthday of a very special young boy this weekend.

I love babies and kids in general.

I often say, I’m good with kids and dogs… it’s the adults I sometimes have a challenge with. And I’m only half kidding!

One of my favorite definitions of marketing is that marketing is Psychology plus Math.

Psychology because you have to understand how people think and what makes them buy. Math so you can do the numbers and know what to invest more of your marketing dollars in and what to stop doing.

When I look at babies, I’m reminded of how in the moment they are. You know when they’re hungry and want to eat, when they’re wet and need to be changed, when they are tired and need to sleep, and when they just need to feel secure.

There’s never any doubt whether a baby is currently happy and content or not.

And their ability to focus is amazing. Just try getting their attention from that special YouTube video, toy, mom’s phone, bottle, or whatever they’re doing!

If you could break down your client’s desires like you can a baby’s your business would be easier, huh?

What if you can?

Sometimes it’s as easy as narrowing down your target market. Focus in on the who and the psychology gets way easier. To the point you know when people are ready for certain things in their business, and you can be the one there waiting to give it to them when they’re ready.

Want to know more about how to do this inside the framework of your business?

Let me know – let’s chat!

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