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I read a lot!

During one of my moves, the movers counted 56 boxes of books. The last time I moved, I had paired that down to 23.

Still… a lot of books (and that doesn’t count the ones on my Kindle).

And, in case you’re wondering… I’ve read about 90% of those books. Some more than once. They all have dog eared pages, red underline and notes, and yellow highlights. Most of them probably have a page or 2 of notes on the Evernote app on my phone too.

I get asked for book recommendations a lot.

One book that somehow slipped my mind until recently is “Broken Windows, Broken Business” by Michael Levine.

You should read the book as I’m not going to do it justice here.

The main premise of the book is that the small stuff is the stuff that really matters. Contrary to popular opinion that says, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” And even the one that wants you to believe it’s all small stuff… it’s NOT!

The opposite is true!

When you ignore things – like broken windows in a building, it actually invites more broken windows.

The broken windows are an indication that nobody is paying attention to the building with the broken windows. That means nobody cares!

More broken windows in one building means more and more buildings with broken windows. Pretty soon the entire area is full of run down buildings. Drug use and crime in these areas increase and problems get worse and worse.

And it all started with one broken window, in one building that was ignored and not fixed.

Your business is exactly the same!

We have a lot of opportunities for “broken windows” in our businesses every day.

A mishandled phone call…
An unanswered email from a client…
A skipped step in a project…
And more…

Oversight and management of what you expect is critical to the life of your business. Your business growth and success depend on this.

Don’t abdicate your responsibility in your business.

Ultimately the buck stops with you (and your management team).

By the way, this applies to you whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar offline business. It also applies whether you are working with outside contractors or people who work as employees.

Ultimately, it’s your business and it’s your responsibility.

What “broken windows” do you need to fix in your business today?

To Your Success –

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