The Importance of Knowing Why You Do What You Do

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Do you think about the reasons WHY you do what you do?

Or do you just do things to get them done? Or because you’re “supposed” to do this or that?

There is strategy and then there’s flying by the seat of your pants and being haphazard about the things you do. Specifically, in your business, but in all things – because ultimately everything we do or don’t do affects every aspect of our lives in some way.

Why are you doing what you’re doing in your business?

Why do you have a presence on the social media platforms you are on (and not on others)?

What is the purpose of each post?

I’m not talking about a plan here. I’m talking about having a strategy.

Examples of what your strategy might be are:

  • – To add ideal targeted prospects to your list
  • – To sign up 2 new coaching clients this week
  • – To give 3 tips this week on a particular subject
  • – To get 10 people to sign up for your upcoming event
  • – To sell one new (insert your product or service here)
  • – And, the list goes on and on

The difference between just doing things and doing them with a specific result in mind is miles apart. Once you start thinking and taking the time to strategize about your business and each thing you’re doing in it, you’ll see significant positive changes in your results.

If you’d like some assistance with your specific strategy email and we’ll schedule a time to chat about your business and how you can grow – now and in all economic times!

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