Done Is Better Than Perfect…Or Is It?

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Ever heard the phrase “done is better than perfect”?

Ever thought about its context or whether it’s really true or not?

Done is better than perfect is meant to get the procrastinator, the overthinker, the person who keeps going back and changing one little thing over and over again and never puts the product or service out to complete something.

It’s not meant as an excuse to put out inferior products and services.

Put another way, it’s not an excuse to be lazy or to put out crappy stuff.

Your business represents you.

Sometimes you get in such a hurry to get something out that you don’t take an extra few minutes to do it right. To think strategically and to make sure that your message gets heard… the way you want it to.

When you do that you don’t even consider what questions might get asked or what you might have missed.

The opposite of throwing stuff out there without much thought is never putting it out. That happens because you’re afraid!

You’re afraid it might not be perfect (it’s not, nothing ever is because none of us are perfect). You’re afraid it won’t be for everyone (it won’t be – and that’s a good thing). You’re afraid you said something wrong or that you will offend somebody (you’re never going to be for everyone and that’s ok).

When you’re finished. Or when you think you’re finished with something. Before you put it out, ask yourself this…

  1. Does this represent me, my company, and my brand in a way that makes me proud?
  2. If I make changes to this will it make it significantly better or am I procrastinating?
  3. Is there anything missing that needs to be here?

Once you can answer yes to the first question, you know making more changes would just be procrastinating, and that there isn’t anything missing, pull the trigger and get it out into the world!

Remember, you can always make changes later.

Nothing has to be permanent.

So, is done better than perfect? Sure, because there’s no such thing as perfect so that will never happen.

The real point is to take action and get things out there so you can make money in your business and make an impact on the world.

Are you doing that?

To Your Success –


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