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Cross sells…

All really good things… when done right!

There’s a company I buy things from occasionally. Not expensive stuff – about a $20 item.

After you complete the sale there’s an offer for a similar item for about 50% off. If you say no, they offer you the same item… now for 75% off.

It happens every single time I order – always the exact same item and always first for 50% off and then for 75% off.

Maybe it’s just me, but it irritates me that if I say yes, the first time, I pay more than if I wait to say yes, the second time.

I’d love to be the person running this down sell.

I’d test a half off the exact same item to see how that would work.

And if I was going to offer a different item, I’d offer it once at whatever the price is and if that one was a no, then I’d offer a slightly different item at a slightly higher price than the first down sell offer (and test it at the same price too).

Who knows, maybe they have tested it, and this is gets the best results.

I just find it a little off-putting that if I say no to the first offer, they make it again but for a lower price.

How about you? What do you think?

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