Ever Wonder If It’s Vulnerability or Overshare?

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Vulnerability is hard for a lot of us…I might even say for most of us!  It certainly is for me.

A friend of mine once said this to me about vulnerability…“What if being vulnerable was the most courageous and authentic thing you ever did?” She was, of course, referring to taking that point-of-view instead of considering vulnerability a weakness.

That was many years ago, before the famous author Brene Brown was talking about this issue so much.

There is a big difference between being vulnerable and oversharing…

So many times as business owners we try to put on a strong face, or act “as if” about something when if we would simply take the time to say “hey, I’m going through something right now and it doesn’t feel good, but I’ll be back with you and I’ll be ok,” it would attract people to us, not repel them.

The line between sharing and oversharing isn’t as hard to find as many people think. Simply put, share personal things (to the degree you’re comfortable with), but not private things.  Remember, you can’t really separate your life and your business – because you are in both and you take you everywhere you go.

A recent example from my own life that you may or may not know about is the passing of my dad a little over a month ago.  I shared on social media when he passed, and posted the obituary. I didn’t go into details about my relationship with my dad, or go on for days about how I was feeling and talk about specific family dynamics or details. That was my comfort level and my take on sharing something personal (my dad’s death) without drowning people in grief or other feelings I was having that I consider private.  Others might have done something different, and that’s ok for them.

You might be asking what this has to do with marketing and business, and I would tell you since everything you do in your business is ultimately marketing, it has everything to do with the relationship and bond you build with your clients.

One of the main ways you build relationships with your clients is with your marketing funnels and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about June 15-16 at the Successful Marketing Funnels™ event in Atlanta, Georgia.

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