Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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cinco de mayoAre you going to do anything special today since it’s Cinco de Mayo?  Last year we actually went out to a Mexican restaurant, and there were long waits, so I think this year it’s going to be tacos and burritos at home…and maybe a margarita for the adults…

Wow!  Can you believe May already? That means we’re almost halfway through 2016!  Are you almost halfway to your financial and other business goals?  Are you on track, ahead or behind your goals?

It all seems to speed by, doesn’t it?  For me too!

And, if you’re like me, patience isn’t your best thing…it tends to be go, go, go, get more done and race to the next thing.  Have you ever taken a minute, or a few minutes, to consider that being a bit more patient might actually serve you and your business better…?

Sometimes things take a little longer than we want them to. That’s just the way business and life are.

The question is do you have the patience to walk through the things you need to walk through, or do you just get frustrated and give up?

One of the areas that frustrates a lot of business owners is marketing funnels. Are you frustrated with yours?  Do funnels stump you?  Marketing funnels are one of the areas I get a lot of questions about and that people tell me keep them stuck.  That’s why I’m hosting the Successful Marketing Funnels™ event in Atlanta, Georgia, June 15-16! So you never have to be frustrated by a funnel again.

No more developing funnels or being frustrated by them because I’m going to give you five funnels – the ones you need in your business. Then, I’m going to show you how to modify them so you never have to start from scratch with a funnel again.  Instead, you can just use the ones I give you, tweak it a little and you’re ready to go!  Sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s not. I’ve been working on marketing funnels for some of the top marketers in the world for the last 17 years (as well as for my own business and all of my clients), and now you get to have the funnels that are the most successful and working in today’s market.

Check it out at www.SuccessfulMarketingFunnels.com

Prosperity & Abundance to You –

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