How To Know If You’re Ready To Put On Your Own Live Events

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If you’re thinking about hosting a live event or if you’re in the middle of marketing for one, how do you know if your list is right?

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If you have a good relationship with your list, and they all ready know they can trust you. If they are already buying from you and investing in your products and services, then you’ve already handled the hardest part of this whole issue.

Is your list big enough? Will your list be interested in attending a live event?

The number one consideration when you think about hosting an event, whether it’s your first event, or you’ve done a lot of events, is the relationship you have with your list.

It’s critical for you to have built the know, like and trust factor with your list. Some of the things to consider are:

  1. Are they purchasing from you now, or have they in the last 6 months?
  2. How often are they hearing from you?
  3. How did they originally purchase from you?
  4. Are you offering them something other than an opportunity to invest with you on a regular basis?
  5. Are they currently interacting with you in anyway?

There is a marketer that I hear from over the course of a year over 280 times – that’s almost every day. They incorporate different ways of touching and in a variety of different mediums.  You may think this is too much, and that’s fine…you get to decide what’s right for your business and your list, but most of us think we’re marketing too much when in fact, we aren’t doing enough.

If your list is used to hearing from you, and you have built a relationship with them so they like you and trust you, and they’re buying from you, that’s the first step toward you being able to fill your events.

You also have to set realistic goals for yourself as they relate to your list.

A while back, I was contacted by someone that had just over a thousand people on their list and they were convinced they could put 500 of those people into an event. That’s probably not going to happen…that would mean 50% of your list responded to an offer to attend your event, and that’s probably not going to happen no matter how much your clients love and closely follow you. What’s more realistic is for you to get a small percentage -1%, 2 %, 5%, or maybe 10% who want to attend your event.

opt in list-complete marketing systems So, take a look at your numbers and be realistic. If you have a few thousand people on your list, you can seriously think about doing an event. More than likely, you can easily fill an event, again, depending upon the relationship you have with your list, price point, and many other factors.

Just a side note. Your list is your house list, people who have opted in who get information from you, it doesn’t count the people who you have on your social media platforms. You want to be moving those people from your social media platforms over to your main list, but that’s a topic for another day.

If you have a great list and are great communicating with them, I would highly encourage you and very seriously think about putting on some sort of live event.

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