It’s Magic…And Bright…And Filled With Unicorns!

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Make money tomorrow…AND…

Never work again…

So many times we look for the answers in places they aren’t and the truth of the matter is there is no magic…well, except YOU!

We’re all attracted to the promises of magic, pixie dust and the sizzle of it all. The bright shiny objects are attractive because they appear magical AND it seems like they don’t require any work to get them.

The thing is…the steak sizzles while it’s cooking – and it has to cook in order for you to reap the reward of eating it. The real magic is knowing the exact right moment to take the steak off the grill, so it’s cooked perfectly and you can savor every bite of that delicious, perfectly seasoned steak (or chicken, or fish, or nice vegetables if you’re vegan).

Like in all situations, the magic really happens before you could take even one bite of that steak. The magic gave you the end result you wanted…and the magic was the work you did to get there. In this case, to get the perfect steak, you might have marinated it, tenderized it, seasoned it, cooked it, and let it rest before you cut it and took that first luscious bite. All of the preparation had to happen at just the right time, in the right order, and for the right amount of time for the steak to be so very delicious.

Your business is exactly the same!  

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