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One of the biggest challenges, and one of the hardest things you do as business owners is hire and maintain a team of people to work with you.  It seems to be one of the most difficult things to get right for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

How do you find and keep good people?

Owning your own business is not only fulfilling, fun, and the best thing you ever did, but it can also be frustrating, overwhelming and challenging.

When it comes to your staff and team, you want to find the best people possible and then keep them for as long as possible.

For many small business owners, one of the main questions to answer is do I hire employees or do I work with independent contractors (which essentially means you’re working with other small business owners to build your business).  While you have to make this decision for yourself, and the answer may change over time, depending on where you are in your business, there are some things you want to be careful of…no matter which choice you make.

The real key is to build your team in a way that makes sense to you, while balancing your needs to be efficient and get things done with your team’s wants, needs and desires.

The best advice I ever received about building my team and doing business is don’t ever abdicate your responsibilities.  In other words, don’t give somebody else total control and responsibility in your business and forget to have checks and balances so you still maintain oversite on the critical areas of your business.

At the next Implementation Coaching Event™, October 8th-10th in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ll be talking about this and more so you can make more money while taking more time off and growing your business at the same time.

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