Lessons From 40 Years

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Last weekend, I returned to Ohio where I grew up to attend my 40-year high school reunion.

So many things popped up for me as I visited with some friends and drove past homes and into neighborhoods and took some time to reminisce and think about my time there.

First is that time changes things… some things, not all things. Some things stay the same.

As I wondered how that could be I thought about how business is very similar.

  • Strategies change.
  • Technology changes.
  • New things come out and replace older ones
    (like the infrastructure of a town or area).
  • We become more efficient in how we do things.
  • We expand and grow.

AND there are always things that remain the same…that are constant and consistent in business. No matter what business you’re in, no matter how long you’ve been in business there will always be some things that remain the same and almost never change.

  • You always have to be marketing.
  • Having clients is how you get paid and make money.
  • Having a strategy and starting with the end in mind will produce better and more consistent results than winging it will.
  • Systems work and having them makes your business run smoothly – for your team and your clients.

So many lessons I could share with you.

The BIG Lesson was apparent and simple and applies to life and to business…

The strong relationships you build will endure and last forever. Nothing can break them. Not time… not distance… not life’s changes.

Strong relationships are built on a strong, concrete foundation… not on sand!

To Your Success –

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Huey  on August 12th, 2021

A great pice keep up the good work Huey Pablovich

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