Mindset and Business. . . One of the Most Misunderstood Concepts in Business & In Life

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Let’s take a few minutes to discover just how important mindset really is, not only to the success of your business, but to your overall success and happiness in life too.

Mindset is really the mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. It’s about how you look at things, what you expect and how you respond – in every aspect of your life.

Mindset and mental attitudes are important in these major areas in our lives:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Financial

For most of us, when we start in business, it’s all about the how-to’s, finding systems, getting started and making money.  We forget about the importance of our thought process, how important it is to stay positive and more importantly, to have the proper mindset in all things.

As we go about our busy days, we become beings of “doing” – we’re so busy doing things and getting things done, that we forget, or don’t pay attention to, our feelings or our gut, and what it’s telling us.

And, this isn’t about sappy feelings or emotions.  It’s about listening to what your gut is telling you. For instance, have you ever been having a (business or personal) conversation with somebody, or working on putting a joint venture together and something just didn’t seem right (something didn’t feel right to you)?  Most of us ignore these feelings and just forge on, instead of taking time out of our day to evaluate what’s really going on – maybe even deciding to listen to our gut.

This is just one aspect of mindset. There are many others, and it goes way beyond being positive and thinking good thoughts.

A major part of this that a lot of people forget (even some of those teaching this) is that you still have to take action. You can be positive and happy and be thinking all the right thoughts, but if you don’t take some action, go out and do something, nothing is going to change – well, except that maybe you’ll be happier.

I’m reminded of a time when a group of us were sitting at a round table discussion as part of a break-out session at a large conference.  The woman at the head of the table was a well respected mindset coach and speaker, and as people were asking her questions, a woman spoke up and said she had been meditating for three hours a day, for over a year, and that nothing had changed in her life – except that financially she was now struggling.  This woman was somewhat distraught, and I’ll never forget what the mindset coach said to her next.

She simply informed the woman that if she would meditate for 15 minutes a day and take the 2½ hours she had left over and go take some action, go do something to move herself closer to her goals she would be a lot better off.  It was great advice.

There are books and courses written on mindset, the purpose of this article was simply to get you thinking about its importance – in your life and in your business.  Don’t get so caught up in the how do to things that you lose sight of your why’s and your life. For many of us entrepreneurs, this is the missing piece, no matter how successful we become.

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