More On The Purple Flower

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The purple flower that appeared and then disappeared in a single 24-hour period held a lot of lessons for me.

The part about the purple flower I didn’t share last week, the part that stuck with me for a while – until I looked for another lesson – was about being alone…

…there it was, that one single purple flower. 

…it seemingly had come from nowhere.

…and it was alone in this Big yard.

Surrounded by nothing that resembled it…nothing that looked like it…nothing that smelled like it…nothing that was the same color, size or shape as it!

It was, in fact, all alone.

All alone in this big sea of green.

That thought brought a feeling of sadness throughout my whole body. It was overwhelming for a little while. 

For a moment, I thought that lone purple flower represented me…that it was me. 

Just one purple flower in a big yard, felt like me in the big, vast world. 

 Then, I realized, just as that one flower had gotten my attention and had changed my day, each of us has the opportunity to do the exact same thing.

And, as business owners we have the opportunity and the ability to have an even greater affect than most others do.  

Every day, we have an opportunity to change the lives of other people by simply doing what we do. And, the ripple effect that goes out from that is pretty phenomenal.  You can literally help one person, and that touch thousands, hundreds of thousands as that person helps one, who helps one, and so on.

Pretty amazing.

Yep, I got all that from a flower.

What lessons are you getting?

To Your Success – 


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