Setting Expectations In Your Business…

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Do your prospects, customers and clients know what to expect when they do business with you?

Or…is it a crap shoot of confusion…and maybe even some disappointment?

When you set the expectations of what will happen when people do business with you, and even how people can do business with you, your business will run a lot smoother. AND, you will have happier clients…and your team will be happier too. All of which will make you happier – and more profitable.

I recently had an experience when doing business with a company where my expectations of what they were going to provide and what they actually provided were very different.  When I approached the business owner and inquired about my expectations I was told, “Oh, no, Diane, that isn’t how this works.”

See, instead of putting the details in the agreement, like you get X number of appointments with me every month, and this is how you reach us, and spelling out the details of the relationship, it was just about the payments.

When you set the intention and the boundaries of how things will work from the very beginning then there are no misunderstandings and ill feelings and losing clients can easily be prevented.

Do you have a story of where setting intentions ahead of time worked for you? Or where not doing it cost you?

I’d love to hear about it.

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