What Are Your P.L.A.N.S.?

January 8th, 2020 by under Business Strategy. 1 Comment.

Happy New Year!  By now, you’ve had almost a full week of back at it and I hope the new year has you feeling fresh and renewed and ready for an amazing year of fresh, new things that take you where you want to go…and beyond.

The foundation of your business, like the foundation of your house, is critical to your success. It’s what everything else is built on, so you have to make sure it’s strong and solid so the house (in this case your business) doesn’t fall down because the foundation couldn’t support it.

Here are the 5 Critical Pieces to the Foundation of Your Business…

  • Plan & Prepare
  • Leverage
  • Action
  • Next & Now
  • Strategies & Systems

Imagine building your business on top of these 5 principals.

Stronger, your way, moving forward every single day, committing to yourself, your business and all the things that are important to you. One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time…whatever it takes…no matter what!

If you move forward, even if it’s in some small wall, every single day, you’ll be amazed at where you will be at the end of 2020. Nothing major, not leaps and bounds every minute of every day, not being exhausted and wiped out at the end of every day…just one or two accomplishments every single day of the work week.

It’s not the big grand gestures that make success, it’s consistency and persistency.  It’s not to-do lists or complicated systems, it’s making progress every single day – toward YOUR GOAL or intended outcome.

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Diana Beam  on January 9th, 2020

Great to see your newsletter again! Thanks.

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