You Belong, No Critics & A Judgement Free Zone…Really!

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Are YOU your harshest Critic?

Do you Judge yourself harshly?

Ever feel like you don’t Belong anywhere?


Easier said than done, you say…it’s not hard, but like everything it takes some time, attention and purposeful work to get out of the habit of talking to yourself in a way you would NEVER dream of talking to ANYBODY ELSE…

…Why Is That?

One of the reasons I love going to Planet Fitness is because every time I walk into the gym, I am reminded of those things…for an hour or so out of my day. They are so serious about their Judgement Free Zones, that it’s in big letters on their walls, every piece of equipment has one of those sayings on it, and it’s part of their overall company culture.

Why not make those same things a part of your life’s culture?

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve noticed more and more the business owners and entrepreneurs I talk to seem to be struggling with negative thoughts and feelings. And, this is happening no matter where they are in their journey – people just starting out to seasoned business owners, AND to very successful entrepreneurs who you might think have it ALL together and are living the lives of their dreams!

Last week, at my event, it was the topic of a lot of discussion.

Just last week I saw posts on Social Media from very successful business owners who I respect a lot, talking about this very subject and sharing their stories.

It’s something we all have to address and work on and it’s an ongoing process for most of us.

Just imagine, what it would be like, if every day you walked into your office, and into your life and decided it would be a No Judgement Zone, that No Critics were allowed, and that You Belong!  AND, what if all that applied to not only yourself but everyone else as well. How AWESOME would that be?

Let’s make it happen…it starts with you – in this moment, and the next, and the next, and so on…

Join me…just for today in doing this!

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