Your #1 Biggest Challenge

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What is your #1 business challenge?

What is the thing you struggle with the most?

Take a minute to think about it…

There are a lot of things to think about in your business every single day.

How do you overcome that challenge?

What if it wasn’t as difficult to overcome as you think?

And what if the challenge you think you have isn’t the REAL challenge at all?

Sometimes because you’re in the weeds in your business you can’t see the real problem…you’re too close to it to see it in a clear way.

At Your Business Your Way™ we’re going to get you out of the weeds and into the game…off the fence and into the yard playing with the rest of the kids.  You’re going to have fun, get an amazing amount done in 2 days, and be more excited, motivated and focused on your business than you have been in a long time!

If you want something different in your life and in your business, you have to do something different. You might even have to change what you’re doing, who your targeting or maybe nothing at all. Maybe it’s just a small tweak here or there that will get you on the path where you want to be headed.

You can make money or you can make excuses. You can even call those excuses reasons…but it they hold you back in your business they are excuses!

You can think of reasons why or reasons why not…it’s up to you!

The yea buts will hold you back every single time!

  • Yea, But, I have to travel…
    • (it’s good to get out of your office & around people once in a while to see how others are doing things and to get a different perspective)

  • Yea, But, the dates aren’t convenient…
    • (business isn’t built on convenience, but on a whatever it takes attitude…change Your other plans if you have to – – – yes, it’s that important)

  • Yea, But, I have kids…
    • (So do others who will be there…what lessons are you teaching them?)

  • Yea, But, I can’t afford it…
    • (you find the time and the money to do exactly what you want to do…You just have to make your business a priority. Stop using this excuse.)

  • Yea, But, my spouse doesn’t want me to go…
    • (an unsupportive spouse or partner…I’m going to leave that right here — you aren’t stuck…unless you decide to be)

  • Yea, But, my business is doing ok…
    • (every business owners dream…to be ok…how about you thrive instead!)

  • Yea, But, I might not know anybody else there…
    • (a good chance to meet new friends… the folks who are coming are amazing and friendly…you’ll feel very welcomed)

  • Yea, But, what if I’m not cut out to be a business owner…
    • (you can be, do and have anything you want…you decide…we all have doubts sometimes…that’s why you need to be around positive people in an amazing and supportive environment)

  • Yea, But, it’s too expensive…
    • (compared to what? $197 is a small investment to make in your business…what are you investing in now? How many things are you paying for but not even using)

  • Yea, But, what if it doesn’t work…
    • (there is a 100% money-back guarantee…stay for the entire 2 days and still get your money back if you aren’t satisfied…and there is follow-up after the event so you can’t fail)

  • Yea, But…

No more yea, but’s!!!

Join me at Your Business Your Way™ and throw all of those out the door…or, you can keep your excuses and sit around while nothing changes…it really is up to you!

I hope you’ll join us…

Your Business Your Way™

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